Community Connections and Your PLC at Work®

Community Connections and Your PLC at Work®

A Guide to Engaging Families (A Guide to School Community Involvement in a PLC)

Nathaniel Provencio


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In a PLC, every student, teacher, staff member, parent, and family member is vital to the success of the school. With an emphasis on transparency, mutual trust, and clarity of purpose, this resource provides a road map to growing community engagement and involvement. Learn step by step how to establish deep-rooted relationships that lead to the lasting betterment of your school or district.

Use this resource to make students and families feel welcome, included, and valued.

  • Gain insight into the importance of parent and family engagement with schools as part of students' success.
  • Learn key concepts of the professional learning community (PLC) process and how they apply to fostering school engagement with families and other community stakeholders.
  • Gain strategies to encourage community involvement in goal setting within schools.
  • Understand how to overcome the barriers of economically disadvantaged families and communities traditionally underserved by schools.
  • Acquire best practices for involving stakeholders in a collaborative process of learning and growth.

Introduction: Bringing in Parents, Families, and the Community
Chapter 1: Setting the Stage
Chapter 2: Creating a Family-Engagement Guiding Coalition
Chapter 3: Articulating a Family-Focused Mission and Vision
Chapter 4: Achieving a Customer-Centric Culture
Chapter 5: Creating a Focus on Learning for Families
Chapter 6: Focusing on Collaboration With Families
Chapter 7: Focusing on Results With Families
Appendix: Additional Resources and Materials