Dancing on the Skillet

Dancing on the Skillet

Ten Truths about Being a School Superintendent

Matthew J. Jennings


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The superintendent position is important to the overall quality of a school system. Staff would have difficulty succeeding without the support of an effective and efficient system. It is also potentially rewarding. There is great satisfaction in knowing that something you did had a major impact on the quality of education provided to children. You can change the future, but it comes at a cost. The superintendent position is difficult. In addition to all of the technical skills and knowledge required, doing this job well requires strength of character, mental toughness, and a high level of self-awareness. You must know who you are and what you believe in. Not only that, you must have the fortitude to represent those beliefs in the face of crises and adversity. These are not the topics taught in most graduate school education coursework. Through sharing of “ten truths” the author fills this void. More specifically, readers will learn the realities of being a school superintendent and practical suggestions for navigating the difficulties inherent in the role.


Matthew J. Jennings:
Dr. Jennings is a twenty-seven-year veteran in the field of education. In addition to his work as a professor and consultant, he has served as a classroom teacher, supervisor, director, assistant superintendent, and superintendent of schools.