Survival - Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

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Survival - Failing To Plan Is Planning To Fail

Daniel Lannigan


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"Disasters happen; that’s a fact of life. A hurricane nearly takes a coastal town off the map. A winter blizzard dumps two feet of wet snow on a northern town, breaking power lines and shutting everything down for three days. A tornado tears through a sleepy Midwestern town, leaving destruction in its wake. Every day these scenarios and others play out in a myriad of personal tragedies; ending lives and leaving others destitute. 

That winter storm creates a blackout, leaving an elderly couple shivering and freezing in their apartment, until they move no more. The tornado leaves people’s bodies broken and bruised, yet there is no help, for the clinic was in its path. And the hurricane, like many others, leaves people starving, without clean water, as workers struggle to repair the bridges that connect that town to the mainland. " - Daniel Lannigan