The Story Grid Universe

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The Story Grid Universe

Leveling Up Your Craft

Shawn Coyne


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What Are Story Grid Beats?

We think about the story creation process (writing) as one big “problem.”  

You simply want to travel from where you are right now (without a story that works) to a place where your story takes on a life of its own. It works.

We submit to you that the practical way to unpack that very big problem is by breaking it into smaller, more easily solvable units.  

Just as performers break down acting challenges into moment to moment micro-actions they call beats, so do Story Grid Beat books break your story problems into specific high-resolution mini-puzzles. 

They’re like global positioning system reports for when you find yourself lost on your author’s journey. And once they clearly define the problem at hand, they offer procedural advice about how best to reframe your approach and solve it in your own unique way. 

After all, you can’t begin to solve a problem until you clearly know what it is. 

You Are Not the Problem. The Problems are the Problem.