Prayer That Will Awaken America and the World!

Prayer That Will Awaken America and the World!

A Biblical Guide to Effective Prayer in the Time of Covid-19, and Beyond!

Pastor Daniel Castillo M. Div.


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Prayer that Will Awaken America and the World! is a biblical guide to simple, yet effective prayer that will awaken America and the world to God during nationwide and worldwide disasters, resulting in deliverance from these disasters and a massive harvest of souls for God! Within this guide are inspiring, true stories about God’s willingness to send such deliverances and awakenings! By reading and following the biblical instructions in this guide, you will receive faith:
• in the power of humble, repentant, united prayer by God’s people to bring deliverance!
• to believe God, and His biblical and modern-day prophets!
• to help bring a great revival to the Body of Christ and a Third Great Awakening to America and the world!


Pastor Daniel Castillo M. Div.:

Pastor Daniel Castillo, along with his wife Yvonne, are Assistant Pastors at Fruit of the Spirit Ministries, an independent Pentecostal Church in Santa Fe, New Mexico, pastored by Pastor Dennis and Pastor and apostle Eva Gonzales. A graduate of Fuller Theological Seminary, Pasadena, CA, and the Vineyard Leadership Institute, Columbus Vineyard, Columbus, OH, he has been a Presbyterian pastor, and along with his wife Yvonne, Foursquare and independent Pentecostal pastors. For 32 years, he has also been a public and Christian high school teacher, now retired, having taught U.S. Government, History and Spanish.
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