Prayers to a Heavenly Father

Prayers to a Heavenly Father

Tonni Lea Larson


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This book was written by the guidance of the Holy Spirit. It came about as the author journeyed through a recovery program for (ex-) partners/spouses of sex addicts. While writing out the difficult things that had taken place in her life, she began to write out prayers to her Heavenly Father. She soon found that her relationship with Jesus was growing deeper because of these intimate prayers He was giving her. She began writing them down and soon put them together in a book form to share with family and close friends. She credits God Almighty for opening the doors in so many ways so that the prayers will bless many others. God never takes us on a journey to keep to ourselves. It is always to share and encourage others.


Tonni Lea Larson:

As life takes this author on many journeys, she finds that her close prayer life with Jesus has lead her to much intimacy. As she goes through her recovery stage she leans into her Father for the comfort that only He can give. She finds that He is all she needs. Her relationship deepens as she pens out the words the Father speaks into her.