Born from Love

Born from Love

A Single Mother by Choice

Lania Salas


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Lania wanted it all, a career, a house, a family and a happily ever after, preferably in that order. After graduate school, she had her ideal career and a townhouse to call home but her attempts at love were not what she had expected. In her relationships, she had been the best friend, the rebound and the other girl. When she turns 31, Lania moves to Albuquerque and confides in a new Obstetrician who encourages her to consult a fertility specialist. Some days, she is eager to start the process to become a mother on her own, choosing a donor and injecting herself with hormones. Other days, she misses the road not taken and the love story that could have been. As she moves forward with her decision to have a child, she experiences criticisms from Catholic family members, discrimination at work and pregnancy complications. After Lania receives the results of a genetic test, she learns how strong a mother must be to hold on to her dream.


Lania Salas:
Lania Salas was born in Puerto Rico and moved to Arizona to attend graduate school at Arizona State University, where she enriched many lives through her kind heart and zest for life. She currently lives in Albuquerque, NM with her twin sons. She continues to spread joy and love through her openness and acceptance of all.