What If There Was No More Forest?

What If There Was No More Forest?

Satish Khattar


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“WHAT IF THERE WAS NO MORE FOREST?” was written with a love for the biodiversity that surrounds us, with a forewarning of the dangers of human exploitation. It showcases some of Earth’s loveliest creatures, while indulging playfully in a punny narrative of forest favourites. There is a message of sobriety for all, even as it entertains children with its vivid profiles of nature’s best loved species.


Satish Khattar:
Singaporean Satish Khattar is a copywriter and communications lecturer by profession. His first book on parenting “Oh Give Me Patience – But Hurry Please” was a modest success, recounting a tongue-in-cheek look at his early parenting years. This book handles a somewhat different species, as he pays homage to some of nature’s most beloved animals. Singapore-based artist Alpana Ahuja is inspired by Nature and animals. Illustrator of 19 children’s books using water colours, she is a wildlife educator and activist absolutely passionate about nature conservation. She loves to connect with children and young adults through art and uses it to support animal charities, raising much-needed funds for rescued fauna.