The Perfect Little Duckling

The Perfect Little Duckling

Jessi Lund


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This book is based on the concept of that there is no line of distinction, which connotes “perfectionism/beauty”, or lack thereof “imperfections/ugliness” for we are all unique as individuals and are all deserving of acceptance and respect from each other as well as ourselves. It’s not about what on the “outside” that counts, but what’s on the “inside” that matters most. This belief system as well as concept should not only be practiced in our family dynamics, but as society as a whole. Learning and practicing love and acceptance for one another, and not hate or judgment. For in turn, that in turn can make for a better place, Earth our home, a happier and more welcoming place to live.


Jessi Lund:
My name is Jessi Lund. I am a very family orientated person, with my family and friends being the center point of my interest and time. I have a sheltie named, autumn, which means the world to me. I enjoy leisure walks through various parks to get in tune with nature and embrace what life has to offer. I created this book when I was 12years old and feel it has a good concept that could possibly resonate with the world itself, and feel that there is no limit to compassion or understanding of others, or ourselves and if practiced on a global scale could potentially make the world a better place as a whole. I have a 2year old niece that means so much to me, and hope to pass down these morals and values through my book, and as well as to other family’s who choose to read it and resonate with its purpose that I intended to share.