Maze and Haze Tooth Fairies

Maze and Haze Tooth Fairies

Stacy Cuellar


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Although tooth fairies usually work alone, Maze and Haze are twin fairies that work together. Their only difference is the color of their wings: Maze’s wings are light purple, and Haze’s wings are light green. They are very small—but also very busy.

One night, they watch from outside as a little girl cries about her lost tooth. The little girl is scared she won’t be as pretty with a missing tooth, but the fairies know an even prettier tooth will grow back in its place.

Maze and Haze are so excited to get this oh-so-pretty tooth, and with a little help from Mom, the little girl sleeps peacefully so the fairies can do their job. They switch the lost tooth with a shiny coin. This is the magic of the tooth fairies! For small children, losing a tooth can be scary, but the fairies are there with a reward, making the experience exciting and fun.


Stacy Cuellar:

Stacy Cuellar grew up in a small town in New Mexico. As an only child, her parents took her everywhere. They rode dirt bikes, water-skied, camped out, and fished. She currently lives by the coast in Texas where her husband taught her to surf.