Follow Your Heart

Follow Your Heart

Gail Odom


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She awakes as every morning, with the same feeling of being in a place where she didn’t want to be. She sees the many faces going through her mind. Della shakes her head, holding back tears. Her heart is aching for something more. What did her mother always say? Oh yes, “Follow your heart, Della, follow your heart.” Della rises and goes to the window. Della turns. Feeling of loneliness washes over her. Her day has already started, whether she wants it or not. The face she sees in the mirror doesn’t look back at all. Her mind is far away, a place in a valley, a small house by a stream. She feels happy as she goes to the door of the house but steps back in haste. A shadow fills the doorway, a man, tall and dark. Her heart is racing.