Renewal Apologetics

Renewal Apologetics

The Argument from Modern Miracles

Christopher J. Wilson


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Why do you believe in God? Why do you believe in the Bible? Why do you believe in miracles? These are questions that Christians are often asked by sceptics. The field of apologetics attempts to provide rational answers to these and other questions. Unfortunately, apologetical answers to these questions are often abstract and philosophical. However, the Christian apologist/evangelist has a much more powerful argument in their arsenal: the argument from miracles. Miracles are the original Christian apologetic. It was through the witnessing of miracles that Christianity was originally spread. By applying modern tools of philosophical inquiry and scientific methodology, Wilson is able to establish a core set of miracles which defy naturalistic explanations and strongly point toward occurrences of Special Divine Action (SDA). However, once these occurrences are proven to be genuine miracles, several questions remain. Why does God sometimes perform miracles? Why does he often answer no? How do these random acts fit into his overall plans of redemption? By answering these and other questions, Wilson develops a comprehensive apologetic for both Christianity in general and the Renewal Movement in particular.


Christopher J. Wilson:
Christopher J. Wilson is a professor of theology and apologetics. His interests include theology, apologetics, philosophy of religion, and philosophy of science. This present text is hopefully the first in a series of upcoming texts which will fully develop the area of Christian apologetics from a Renewal perspective, emphasizing the works of the Holy Spirit. In addition to his academic work, he enjoys spending time with his family, reading, playing chess, and watching sports.