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The purpose of this book is to provide knowledge boys and girls about our nature. In the first scale the creation of the mountain, the different seasons and the flowers that spread the values ​​of love, the Tolerance and honesty. On the second scale, sprout inside the story: Amma, Eily and Tholé who give life to the values ​​of love, tolerance and honesty.
In these times, it is essential to increase the love for reading in boys and girls, and it is the i have a key tool to make these acquire fluency, understanding and increase your lexicon, however this book uses terms technicians for that purpose, in addition to motivating the boy or girl to investigate on them, in the as we read we nourish ourselves, therefore it is in hands of significant actors to fulfill the task of training reading boys and girls, for it in first place within the family that stories are read as a habit and then school so that this way the "Reading" is rescued
This book allows to develop creativity, in addition of being able to work in the classroom as a tool educational, because its flexibility and its short stories give room for oral reading exercises and understanding. At the end of the book some are proposed activities that can be developed at home or in the school. We can all create stories, we only have we wake up our imagination.


Raquel Peña:
Born in the capital of the earth Anzoatiguense, a June 29 of1966, since childhood her passion for educate looked even in his games with the dolls, being his teacher, that vocation led her to study the education career
in the National University Open (UNA) and forge to reach the highest step, it
prepared in various courses that they will help you to better fulfill your work for it studied two master's degrees at the Research Center Psychiatric, Psychological and Sexological of Venezuela (CIPPSV) that would be of great support to you in
Your Work: Behavior Orientation and Orientation
in Parent Education. Do a PhD in Education Sciences at the National University Experimental of the Central Plains “Romulus Gallegos. "
Today, outside the classroom, he writes being “The White Eagle in search of its destiny” its first work to be published ”. But, it's The Mountain Yard. Didactic story the first work aimed at Children born from a literary project aimed at
teachers and parents in order to rescue reading in
family and provide teachers with tools literary to encourage reading in the classroom.