Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Survive and Thrive in an Era of Mass Extinction

Thomas M. Siebel


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The legendary Silicon Valley entrepreneur examines how both business and government organizations can harness the power of disruptive technologies.  
Tom Siebel, the billionaire technologist and founder of Siebel Systems, discusses how four technologies—elastic cloud computing, big data, artificial intelligence, and the internet of things—are fundamentally changing how business and government will operate in the 21st century. While this profound and fast-moving transformation can appear daunting to some, Siebel shows how organizations can not only survive, but thrive in the new digital landscape.
In this authoritative yet accessible book, Siebel guides readers through the technologies driving digital transformation, and demonstrates how they can strategically exploit their powerful capabilities. He shows how leading enterprises such as Enel, 3M, Royal Dutch Shell, the U.S. Department of Defense, and others are applying AI and IoT with stunning results.


Thomas M. Siebel:
Thomas M. Siebel is CEO of, a leading provider of enterprise artificial intelligence software. A globally renowned leader in information technology, Mr. Siebel has been at the forefront of several major innovation cycles, including relational databases, enterprise application software, Internet computing, AI, and the Internet of things. He pioneered the customer relationship management (CRM) category with the founding of Siebel Systems. Recognized by Businessweek as one of the top 25 managers in global business, Mr. Siebel is a three-time recipient of the EY Entrepreneur of the Year award and was named a Glassdoor Top CEO in 2018. He was elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in 2013.