House Privilege

House Privilege

Mike Lawson


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A Washington fixer takes on a simple babysitting job for a powerful politician—that soon escalates into embezzlement and murder: “Excellent.”—Publishers Weekly (starred review)

Fifteen-year-old Cassie Russell, the only daughter of a mega-rich Boston couple, is the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed her parents. She’s also the goddaughter of the Speaker of the House, John Mahoney, who’s now her legal guardian. Normally, Mahoney would send his kind-hearted wife to deal with his new ward, but she’s unavailable—so he dispatches his fixer, Joe DeMarco, to make sure the girl’s okay.

DeMarco’s job is only to put things into a holding pattern until Mrs. Mahoney is able to step in—but DeMarco unintentionally flips over a rock and out from under it crawls a lawyer, the one managing Cassie’s vast estate. DeMarco learns the lawyer has been embezzling—and may have killed Cassie’s parents.

What should have been a simple assignment soon unleashes murderous plots involving a Boston mob boss and his thugs, and DeMarco ends up chasing the scheming lawyer halfway around the world to save Cassie and ensure that justice is done—though he may ignore some of the legal niceties—in this fast-paced new mystery in the “consistently entertaining, well-crafted series” from the Edgar Award-nominated author (Booklist, starred review).
“A writer who gets everything right.”—Cleveland Plain Dealer