Tournament Bridge for Intermediate Players

Tournament Bridge for Intermediate Players

Fourth Edition 2020

Ken Casey


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This book is designed to give a comprehensive and systematic view of the types of hands an intermediate player might expect to encounter in a tournament. The various categories of hands presented will teach you when to use the dummy reversal, when to spurn a finesse, when to duck a trick, when to do the avoidance play and how to handle a defender’s singleton. The book will also teach you how to discard, how to unblock, how to deceive and how to handle transportation problems.


Ken Casey:
Ken has published more than 15 bridge books. These books have now been consolidated into a series of 5 core tournament books as follows: Tournament Bridge for Beginning Players, Tournament Bridge for Intermediate Players, Tournament Bridge for Advanced Players, Tournament Bridge for Notrump Players and Tournament Bridge Tips on Defense. All 5 of these books were edited in 2019. These 5 books have themselves been condensed into a two-volume set called The Complete Book of Bridge Hands, Volumes 1 and 2. In addition, Ken has published a book on bidding, called The Casey Bridge Bidding System; this book was edited in 2020. Ken served as a Russian interpreter during the Vietnam War and then spent over 30 years practicing as a tax attorney. Ken also has an MBA in accounting and a CPA.