The Noble Renaissance

The Noble Renaissance

Reclaiming the Lost Virtue of Nobility

Carrie Lloyd, Bill Johnson


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Discover the Seven Virtues of Nobility

Do you ever wonder who you are, why you are here, and what really makes life worth living? Or perhaps something is holding you back from believing you could be a person who can make a real difference in the world. In The Noble Renaissance, author and life coach Carrie Lloyd challenges you to be done with pretending, be done with striving, be done with religion—and develop a noble character that truly reflects the person of Christ. She unpacks seven virtues that will inspire you to come back to basic truths and embrace their power to

  • change culture,
  • promote justice, and
  • steward revival.

With humor-filled personal stories and in-depth research, Carrie helps readers to more effectively reflect the abundance, the authority, and the grace of the gospel.


Carrie Lloyd:

Carrie is a UK journalist and author of The Virgin Monologues and Prude. She is a pastor at Bethel Church, California and a pastor for the leaders network of Global Legacy. She writes between her hometown in Stamford, England and her residence in Northern California. ‘The Carrie On..podcast started in 2017 and can be found on itunes. When not pastoring, speaking or writing, labelled by her students as ‘The Duchess' she has a penchant for good old fashioned vinyl. For more info visit