The Ultimate Guide to Nautical Knots

The Ultimate Guide to Nautical Knots

Michel Diament, Andrea Jones Berasaluce


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A Practical and Visual Guide to the Essentials of Marine Knots! Every good sailor must know the basic knots, indispensable for his safety and life on board in general.

This handy little manual offers you the opportunity to master the essentials of knot-tying, with clearly illustrated step-by-step instructions. The Ultimate Guide to Nautical Knots focuses on 22 vital knots, including: 

  • Bowline
  • Figure Eight Knot
  • Cleat Hitch 
  • Thief Knot
This is a great introduction to the art of seamanship. Its simple and concrete step-by-step instructions will enable you to have a good time and have you tying knots in no time.

The Ultimate Guide to Nautical Knots is a great introduction to ropework and a seaman's essential companion; make it yours, too!


Michel Diament:
When Diament became interested in signs and symbols, in these forms of language, obscure to the uninitiated and limpid to those belonging to the ethnic group, the profession, the corporation concerned, that he began to tell us stories by assembling them in successive layers on his compositions of bright and strong colors, he had not yet realized the unconscious motive of his research. This exhaustive search for the symbol brought him inexorably closer to his innermost truth. Carried away by a series of strange coincidences, improbable encounters, his originally graphic project only entered another dimension ...

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