The Healthy Brain Book

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The Healthy Brain Book

An All-Ages Guide to a Calmer, Happier, Sharper You

William Sears, Vincent M. Fortanasce


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Internationally renowned family doctor William Sears and noted neurologist Vincent M. Fortanasce present an accessible, all-ages guide to optimum brain health, from treating depression, anxiety, and ADHD to preventing Alzheimer’s and dementia, with or without medication.

The brain is a complex organ, responsible for our thoughts, our feelings, our hopes and dreams. It’s also vulnerable to a host of ailments that negatively impact quality of life, from disorders such as depression, anxiety, and ADHD that can strike at any time to illnesses of aging like Alzheimer’s and dementia.

The good news is, this diverse set of mental and emotional challenges all stem from the same cause: imbalance in the brain. And getting your brain back in balance—without medication, or in partnership with it—is easier than you think.

Whether you’re experiencing “normal” mental and emotional burnout or wrestling with diagnosed illness, The Healthy Brain Book can help you thrive. It explains:

How what we think can change how well we thinkThe role of inflammation in the brain, and how food and activity can reverse itWhat drugs enhance and suppress the brain’s ability to heal itselfActionable advice to improve your memory, promote learning, and prevent common brain ailmentsHow to personalize the book’s tools for your unique brain

For more than 20 years, The Baby Book author William Sears’ advice has been trusted by millions across the country, and around the world. Now, he and The Anti-Alzheimer’s Prescription author Vincent M. Fortanasce have put together the essential guide to a clearer, calmer, and happier brain. Laced with relatable personal stories from family members and patients as well as detailed illustrations, The Healthy Brain Book weds Fortanasce’s deep neurological and psychiatric expertise with Sears’ sympathetic bedside manner and reader-friendly writing.

Let The Healthy Brain Book help you, safely and effectively, “think-change” your brain for a happier and healthier life.


William Sears:

William Sears, MD, has been advising busy parents on how to raise healthier families for more than forty years, and now has turned his attention to the specialty of lifestyle medicine. He is the cofounder of and the Dr. Sears Wellness Institute, which has certified over ten thousand Health Coaches around the world. He has served as a voluntary professor at the University of Toronto, University of South Carolina, University of Southern California’s Keck School of Medicine, and University of California, Irvine. Together with his wife, Martha, he has written more than forty-five books on parenting, nutrition, and healthy aging. Dr. Sears and his contribution to family health were featured on the cover of Time magazine.


Vincent M. Fortanasce, MD, is a world-renowned neurologist, psychiatrist, and Alzheimer’s specialist and a clinical associate professor of neurology at University of Southern California. He has treated many high-profile individuals such as Pope John Paul II and Baseball Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda. He has appeared as a medical expert on 60 Minutes, Today, Dr. Phil, Dateline, CNN’s Paula Zahn Now, Hardball with Chris Matthews, and XM satellite radio. Dr. Fortanasce is a regular spokesperson for the California Medical Association at the senate and legislative assemblies and hosts his own syndicated radio program, St. Joseph’s Radio Presents.