Never Trust a Leader Without a Limp

Never Trust a Leader Without a Limp

The Wit and Wisdom of John Wimber, Founder of the Vineyard Church Movement

Glenn Schroder, Carol Wimber


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A Unique Life, a Gifted Calling, a Lasting Legacy

John Wimber is not only revered as the founder of the Vineyard movement but is renowned for his unique ability to capture truth in pithy little phrases. This inspirational collection of memorable remarks, each placed in its historical context, offers astute observations on essential principles while also capturing and preserving the story and identity of a miraculous work of God.

For those who witnessed the miracle firsthand and for an entire generation of young leaders who never met John or experienced his ministry, here is a unique restatement of the foundational tenets that launched an international community of more than twenty-four hundred churches in more than one hundred countries—a lasting legacy of spiritual insights that changed lives then and can change your life today.


Glenn Schroder:

Glenn Schroder has been part of the Vineyard movement since 1976 when he started attending a little home group in Yorba Linda, California, that eventually became the Anaheim Vineyard. Glenn was involved in the Anaheim Vineyard for John Wimber’s entire twenty years as pastor. He is currently the Regional Coordinator for Vineyard Missions USA in Mexico and Central America and pastors Cascade Vineyard Church in Portland, Oregon. He and his wife, Donna, have four adult children and five grandchildren, all of whom live in the Portland area.