Play It! Christmas Songs

Play It! Christmas Songs

A Superfast Way to Learn Awesome Songs on Your Piano or Keyboard

Jennifer Kemmeter, Antimo Marrone


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  • Perfect for moms, relatives, and educators who want to gift activity and unplugged books; and enthusiasts who have always dreamed of playing an instrument.
  • Why is Play It different? Students read the music and strike the correct piano key immediately, skipping months of learning the written language of musical notation and how that translates to the keyboard. It is satisfying, motivating, productive and non-intimidating, eliminating frustration and dread.
  • Current competition only provides black and white sheet music.
  • Parents are investing more than ever in supplemental education opportunities for their children. Portable keyboard sales are very strong (1m units +, annually) and buyers want accessible, low-priced ways to learn to play.
  • Benefits of playing piano: adds neural connections; improves academic/math performance; increases vocabulary and verbal sequencing; aids in foreign language learning; reduces stress and improves ability to handle stress; fosters hand-eye coordination; inspires creativity by requiring player to use both sides of the brain; causes greater aural awareness.
  • Priced for impulse buy. Parents may buy the instrument, but be unwilling to invest thousands in lessons unless the child demonstrates a strong interest.
  • Serves built-in demand: Most music students annotate their music as a memory aid. This system provides the annotation system and icons are in place with the music already.


Jennifer Kemmeter:
Jennifer Kemmeter is a designer and publisher, as well as the author and creator of the best-selling Build It! series, easy and fun LEGO® books with creative building projects for young kids. Her new Play It! series focuses on teaching beginners how to read sheet music and play the piano or keyboard. Through books, she seeks to develop image-based tools to aid children in developing logical and creative approaches to independent problem solving. Jennifer lives in London, England, with twin sons who fill her home with their own piano education.|||Antimo Marrone earned a Masters degree from the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples and has taught piano in Italy and the United Kingdom since 2000. He has instructed students of all levels, from beginner to advanced, in technique, music theory, improvisation, composition, and history. Antimo is passionate about developing innovative techniques to help students learn more effectively and become more motivated, and seeks to apply this passion to his love of music and piano.