Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Us

Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Us

Imagination Not Knowledge Is King

Frances Mahan


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With this book, I want to spark the curiosity of you, the reader to imagine a future world unlike you have never seen before in movies or any other books you have read. Think of a future where everything you think and create with your imagination could become possible. This book is about using the gift of imagination as you go deep into the conscious levels of the mind to bring forth multiple ideas that will become a reality one day. As we, this new generation of Artificial Intelligence enthusiast use the mind to create the ultimate thinking machine and connect it to a brain, we see how this interaction with innovation creates unexpected results. Frances Mahan have a deep insatiable curiosity to understand, to learn and know how neuroscience and the powerful mysteries of the brain and its neurons influences how we think and communicate. She is eager to understand at a deep conscious level of her mind how the universe with the power of the conscious mind work together. Her interest to know more about the universe began when she went deep into a meditation and discover her ability to see beyond the now; She learned how it is possible for ideas to flow easily into the mind if we concentrate deeply at a conscious level in meditation. She was able to see images of the universe in a meditation with her eyes closed. A mystery she still pondering upon even today. The rest is in this book.