A.I. Hacked

A.I. Hacked

A Practical Guide to the Future with Artificial Intelligence

Elzar Simon


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Some say artificial intelligence will lead to our doom. Others say it will help solve some of humanity’s greatest challenges. Elzar Simon, a veteran IT strategist and visionary, explains what it is—and what it is not—in this guide to living in a world where the future is now. Focusing on the role A.I. plays in health care, medical research, food production, transportation, security, cybercrime, and more, he examines its pitfalls and upside. He highlights how: • Companies like Amazon, Google, and Tesla are investing in A.I.—and what it means. • People will have to cope with A.I. affecting their lives sooner than they think . • Stakeholders disagree on whether we should pursue or abandon A.I. The author clearly lays out why the feelings surrounding A.I. are so intense, the potential dangers, as well as the likely rewards. More importantly, he provides a blueprint for how humanity should navigate this journey so the positive effects of A.I. research and development outweigh any cause for concern.


Elzar Simon:
Elzar Simon has more than thirty years of experience as an information technology manager at the global and regional level. He has lived in Australia, North America, and Asia and has worked as a senior IT leader and strategist in a broad range of industries, including finance, logistics, health care, government, IT services, and higher education. He currently works as a senior IT director for one of the largest and most prestigious universities in the Northeast of the United States.