The Cure That Works

The Cure That Works

How to Have the World's Best Health Care -- at a Quarter of the Price

Sean Masaki Flynn


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What’s the Most Important Fact About the Heathcare Crisis? That We Already Know the Cure! 

Whole Foods Markets, the State of Indiana, and innovators around the world have used forgotten American ideas to slash healthcare costs by 75 percent while simultaneously delivering true universal access, coverage for preexisting conditions, and an ironclad safety net. 

Economics for Dummies author Sean Flynn explains that simple things—like price tags, competition, and plentiful health savings contributions—crush costs while granting everyone equal access to the world’s best healthcare services.  


Sean Masaki Flynn:
Sean Flynn is an entrepreneur, economist, and educatuator dedicated to bringing affordable, high-quality healthcare to the United States. Born on Clark Air Force base in the Philippines, Flynn's father was a WWII combat veteran and his mother was a Japanese immigrant and student.  When Sean was four years old the family moved to California, whereh is mother won a U.S. Navy scholarship, attended medical school, and became Lieutenant Commander in the Medical Corps of the United States Navy.

Sean Flynn received his bachelor’s degree and a master’s degree in economics at the University of Southern California and went on to receive his doctorate in economics at U.C. Berkeley, studying under Nobel Laureates George Akerlof and Daniel McFadden. He has since taught at Vassar College in New York and Scripps College in Claremont. 

Sean is the author of international bestseller Economics for Dummies and a co-author of one of the world’s bestselling economics textbooks.