Daniel’s Cruel German Mistress

Daniel’s Cruel German Mistress

Regina von Strikt, Anouk Abbot


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Daniel, a dry numbers man, falls hopelessly in love with the woman of his wet dreams. But she plays a cruel game with him. She mercilessly reveals his submissive soul. She keeps him chaste and forces him to submit to her transsexual girlfriend, as well. But at some point, she goes too far and Daniel takes revenge.


Regina von Strikt:
I have been active in the SM, or more politically correct: BDSM scene, for several years. Today, at some distance, I like to amuse myself reading bestsellers that want to give the impression that they are based on actual events. But my books are fictional stories that don't claim to be particularly realistic. But I truly did experience some of the described scenes in some way or another. Hopefully, they will provide pleasure to the inclined reader. Anyone not open for erotic content or to the topic of femdom should leave here and skip my books. Naturally, I strictly reject blackmail and coercion in reality, like any normal person.