Out of sight close to your heart

Out of sight close to your heart

Cassie Brooks, Ionica Monticelli


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Allison is a nineteen year old student from Washington. He is handsome, kind, simple and very authentic, even if he grew up in a big city and, above all, in a family upscale. Bradley could not come from a different environment than Allison's. He is twenty-two years old, has always led a modest life - in an anonymous place in Virginia - and is deeply tied to the land of origin of his paternal grandparents: Iris Beach, a small town on the coast of the state. Yet, despite the differences, during a hot summer, their lives are inevitably inevitable, thanks to some war letters from a certain Susan Thompson, dating from 1944.
Allison is the one who finds the envelopes in an old dresser in her parents' vacation home. And it will always be her to spend all summer looking for this mysterious woman. Until he meets Bradley, and their lives will take a completely unexpected turn


Cassie Brooks:
Cassie Brooks (author) author debutant, already published on Amazon