It’S Me, Windy Weather, Outside!

It’S Me, Windy Weather, Outside!

Brenda E. Thomas


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Windy and Willie Weather Bear and friends are exciting fictional characters that tell playful stories which comprises their names and teaches children about the weather and its effects. Brenda has been filled with a continuum of ideas to write more childrens books, which follows this genre. Brendas illustrations will be depicted with construction-paper art, bringing her story words to life. Along, with her stories, Brenda says, Its a beautiful thing to be able to use paper, scissors, and glue to create something imagined!


Brenda E. Thomas:
Brenda E. Thomas has in lived in Linden, NJ, over twenty-five years, with her husband ONeil and her two children, TeNeil Nicole, and ONeil Thomas, Jr. While working in the Linden schools, in Special Education. Brenda has had the opportunity to work with various students throughout the district. Inspired by her daily work, she went on to write two childrens books. The first of which is entitled: Its Me, Windy Weather, Outside, followed by, Its Me, Willie Weather, Outside. Brenda has been empowered and driven by her desire and creativity and she was encouraged by her family and a host of friends including a kindergarten teacher.